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Project Delivery

Delivering on a Statement of Work basis, you have full control over the level of input you wish to have. From a fully managed, hands-off approach, right through to simple consultant sourcing where you take the project reins, we can fully customise the service to suit your requirements.

Transparent Supply Chain Management

From concept to completion, you’ll have full visibility of the agreed scope of the project, milestones, progress and invoicing. With the pre-agreed structure and expectations, our consultants will know exactly what is expected of them and you’ll never be in the dark in regards to progress.

Fully Flexible

Keeping your stakeholders happy is our priority. If you need to move a project forward starting next week, we will have consultants briefed and ready to hit the ground running exactly when you need them. There’s no project too large or too small, with no minimum time commitments.

No Employee Tax Liabilities

Working with outsourced consultants can result in large cost saving when it comes to tax. Not only that but the responsibility to ensure compliance falls on us, meaning you’ll also save your in-house team time by removing the admin!

On Time and In Budget

If you have a set budget for delivering the project, you can be sure with our pre agreed pricing, that you will never end up with costs spiralling. You control the time frames and budget, we’ll make sure your project is delivered to meet those!

Expertise When You Need It

We only ever work with fully referenced consultants, who are well versed in the realm of fast-paced project delivery for start-ups and scale-ups. They have a minimum of 10 years experience within their specialism.

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